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Manufacturers of Aluminium Security Shutters for Residential and Commercial applications

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If you are looking for an elegant way to secure your home you’ve come to the right place...but better still why don't you rather check out our NEW WEBSITE and latest products at ....


We manufacture a range of high quality extruded aluminium shutters for homes, offices and studios. Our Shutters combine strength and elegance giving you a product that secures your assets as well as makes an aesthetic living and working space.


So whether you wish to protect your home against the threat of burglars or the harsh elements, ArmourBlind have more than one solution. Feel free to browse our website and view our products or simply contact us for a product demonstration or any other questions you may have.

Now you can decorate your home with security and have peace-of-mind.

Integrated Security Shutter ~ ISS    Fixed Louvre ~ FXL            
Fixed Louvre ~ FXL   Fixed Louvre ~ FXL            
 Roller Shutter ~ RS    Skylight Motorised ~ ISL   Adjustable Louvre ~ ADL    Roller Shutter Intelligent ~ RSI    
Roller Shutter ~ RS   ISS Automated Skylight ~ ISSAS   Adjustable Louvre ~ ADL   Roller Shutter Intelligent~ RSI    
ArmourBlind Shutter Solutions